Make the most of something we’ll never sing again.

The Stevie G sheet music

The Stevie G sheet music

It’s hard to escape the feeling that Premiership grounds around the country may be engulfed by an enormous sense of loss this weekend.

In the week that Mrs Moyes learned that she would be seeing a little more of her husband in future, you might imagine that there are a few parts of Britain that will be mourning the passing of United’s profligate season.

Yet for once there is an even bigger loss than anything United have managed on the pitch this season.

A chant that has graced the lips of every stadium in the land for much of the last two decades is on the brink of permanent retirement and there seems very little that any of us can do about it.

‘Have you ever seen Gerard win the league’ has greeted Liverpool wherever they have travelled and invariably broken the silence in the away section at Anfield over the years.

Yet in precisely 270 minutes of playing time (and whatever is added on for Fergie time) it now seems more or less inevitable that this charming little ditty will join that great hymn sheet in the sky.

Indeed conspiracy theorists amongst us suspect that the hand of God may be involved – and yes, we mean the man with the white beard, not Maradonna (Ed. Have you noticed that Argentina’s favourite son also sports a white one these days?).

Where once there was a doubt that Liverpool could ever again scale the lofty heights reached by their Old Testament heroes, there is now a biblical inevitability about Brendan Rogers’ team being crowned champions.

Who’d have thought that a season touted so much for its open ended possibilities would now close down faster than the David Moyes memorabilia section in the United shop, to become a pageant to all things Scouse.

Knock them off their perch if you feel brave enough, but as you click the magic link to enter your predictions for this coming weekend please bear in mind that the good Lord and 96 angels are looking down.





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