All good things come to an end. So no tears please.

AMNT Towers has been rife with speculation in recent weeks. As our shiny new prediction platform slowly comes out of the hangar the question on everyone’s lips has been what happens to the game we’ve been playing for the last 2 years. Will we still be able to predict the Premier League scores each week and will the technology that we’re planning to use make this a delightful experience or a bit like one of Statto’s biros?

Happily we’re able to report that though this will be the very last time that anyone asks you to click the Magic Link, you’ll be able to experience the joys of outwitting one another in a very modern way when our app launches on June 6th.

For those of us with longer memories than an Anfield season ticket holder, June 6th is of course already a historical date. It seems fitting then to borrow it to launch our new app, when our shock troops will be pouring out of their landing crafts and liberating those poor souls who’ve been denied that very basic human right of being able to predict the outcome of football matches.

So as you click the link for the last time, man up and don’t shed any tears. There have been quite enough of those in the last few weeks.



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