Moyes shakes his Tictacs at accusations of tactical naivety.

tic tic

Moyes reveals his secret tactical weapon

Some of us have been thinking that David Moyes must believe football tactics are a type of mint (thank you Michael Darby).

However, after a night when United proved that at least they don’t suck in Europe, we are now wondering if Moyes’ domestic stripes will amount to more than a bag of Everton mints.

With a mid-week Mancunian derby following this weekend’s Premier League fixtures we shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out if Moyes is a mint with a hole or a good old-fashioned gobstopper.

In sweet shop terms the Premier League is patently entering its Easter Egg phase, with more teams than normal eyeing that large box behind the counter and the customary line at the back of the shop fearing the shutters will come down before they get a chance to spend their pocket money.

Make sure you don’t get sticky fingers by missing out on this weekend’s action. Click on the magic link below to enter your predictions.



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