This week we’re all backing the crowd.

Our first shareholder's meeting.

Our first shareholder’s meeting.

Regular readers will know that we’re not big fans of the FA Cup.

Another weekend listening to broadcasters prattle on about the magic of the cup is a poor substitute for a round of Premier League games.

So with only five matches to predict this weekend we contemplated giving Statto a day off.

Fortunately we have other news to brighten up the scarcity of compelling league games and Statto used up his holiday allowance on the that trip to Brazil last year.

Today we have taken an Andy Carroll sized step forward in our mission to bring AMNT to the masses. If you don’t believe us, then may we suggest you take a look at our investment pitch, which went live this morning in our crowdfunding campaign. If you have any sense you’ll liquidate all your assets immediately and join us on the road to fame and glory.

Even if you don’t fancy a flutter, you will be the beneficiary of other’s benevolence when we launch our own fully automated sports prediction platform in early May. No longer will you have to put up with the crude technology that we have been using to share this entertainment. Gleaming brighter than a ref’s whistle our new platform will make the business of entering scores and producing tables as slick as the motors in a Premier League car park.

That’s all for the future. For the time being, if you want to decide who will win this weekend’s London derby or whether David Moyes is on the cusp of becoming the new Sir Alex Ferguson, you’ll have to click on the magic link and enter your predictions.



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