Let’s all specialise in failure this weekend.

football failure

Fear not son, we’re all plonkers now.

Guess what, we’ve suddenly reached that part of the season where football dreams coming crashing down faster than the sea walls on the Cornish coast.

This week two big waves and two red cards saw the European aspirations of the twin citadels of Arab hopes (the Etihad and the Emirates) come crashing down faster than you can say ‘referee’ in Swedish. One suspects the walls of Jericho might have put up more resistance, but that’s another story.

Meanwhile the domestic season has rid the FA Cup of any dreams of silverware on the Fulham Road and Anfield Road, unless of course the trophy rooms in either camp only have eyes for bigger prizes. Yet you know what they say comes after pride.

One cold comfort we can all enjoy is that every team has been specialising in failure recently. Even Jose Mourinho has been at it. We can only presume that victors need to sup from the odd cup of defeat to safeguard the sweet smell of success, as I’m sure Mrs Moyes says to her David each morning.

As a special tribute to the art of failing we’ve asked Statto to do this weekend’s tables in reverse. He wasn’t too keen on the idea initially until the penny dropped that this might give him more to gloat about than is usually the case.

Chuck your name into the great hat of runner ups by clicking on the magic link and entering your predictions for this weekends games. Your chances of complete success are virtually nil – just like certain English sides with European return legs to play.



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