Never park the bus when you have a special coach.

Jose's secret weapon is the special coach

Jose’s secret weapon is the special coach

This week we’ve been to bible class.

In Deutoronomy chapter 7 it says something about 2 great northern dynasties being laid low by a man who says the very opposite of what he does.

Even with our relatively limited powers of divination it’s clear that the man in question has to be that football personage who is becoming more native to these isles by the hour – leading one wag to suggest he might Anglicise his name to Joseph Maureen Howe.

The only certainty is that with Jose now in the driver’s seat and City temporarily searching for the Manuel, the coach won’t end up where it’s expected to be. Which is probably good news if you happen to be an Arsenal fan unless this weekend’s trip to Anfield becomes a talk-too-soon match.

As we’re learning, Deutoronomy is also fairly big on the sin that dare not speak its name, which we’re guessing could be a bottom reference, as the Israelites were well known for their fear of relegation. With some justification as it turns out, as going down in biblical times often involved wholesale population slaughter, which even the FA frown on. As this may be the season where 6th place is 3 points from the relegation zone, the risk of nemesis is now spreading to a dozen parts of the country. Which is especially exciting for most Londoners.

Something the Israelites were very fond of is shared by the winner of the latest table. With more points than anyone has achieved so far all season, our champion punter put his enemies so convincingly to the sword that not even Lawro’s make-up artist could bring the corpse back to life.

With 7 out of 10 correct scores there’s a suspicion that the hand of the almighty might have even been at work, though quite why a man with a white beard would want to come back as an AMNT pundit defies belief. Now that would be a cross to bear.

Get in line if you want a scoop of this weekend’s action then click on the magic link below. We’re working on a celestial sound effect to make this bit more exciting, but until then you’ll have to get your excitement in that age old way angels prefer – with your index finger.



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