Why does everyone feel sorry for David Moyes?

The door says David Moyes, the eyes say I'm lost.

The door says David Moyes, the eyes say I’m lost.

Apparently something seismic happened in the Premier League last weekend. After 22 matches Man United’s season is now officially a valedictory tour to the title and any other form of silverware, for about as long as most non-United fans can dream.

It’s been suggested that future historians will write of 2013 as the watershed moment, like the year 1990 became for Liverpool, marking the point in time at which grace finally got knocked off her perch and championships became no more.

The dynasties of Busby, Shankly, Fagan and now Ferguson are no more. To think that at precisely this time last year, United were effortlessly cruising to a title, that was ultimately decided by van Persie’s decision to join them. (Whether RVP looks back and regrets jumping the gun for one title, when if he’d stayed at Arsenal he could now have been in the hunt for two, we’ll never know).

What is certain, is that this cauldron of historical significance, this inter-dynastic vacuum of uncertainty, this Mancunian theatre of daydreams, is not the kind of place that Mrs Moyes would want for her son David. She’d have sussed the risk of him becoming the pantomime fall guy, who waited for his big moment longer than most of us have memories, before emerging on stage looking like a man who has both contact lenses stuck at the same time.

So why didn’t she tell him? Or maybe he wouldn’t listen. The lure of silverware for a man brought up on a diet of pats on the back was probably too hard to resist.

As if to underline the scale of the task facing Moyes our latest table shows that a not a single pundit went for a United victory at Stamford Bridge. Given the southern bias of AMNT (demographically speaking), which situates it deep in the heartland of United’s support, one might have expected a surge of red defiance.

For some reason the coming weekend is devoted to things other than Premier League football. The next round of games take place on Tuesday and Wednesday evening, when amongst the fare we have a Merseyside Derby, Tottenham entertaining Man City and Fulham entertaining everybody. Make sure you get your predictions in by clicking on the magic link below.



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